Geopack believes most strongly in POLYPROPYLENE and in the innovative and favourable advantages that it brings. As a material, it is similar to a sheet of paper but it is ideally suited to food.
Firstly, it is eco-friendly and re-usable. Secondly it is very easy to work with and to customize. Thirdly, thanks largely to its high thermal conductivity, it can ensure a more rapid and efficient cold chain regime. The features of this material make it suitable not only for the food sector but also for other industrial applications. All products proposed by Geopack, and polypropylene packaging in particular, are suitable for contact with food because they are compliant with all of the European food and eco-health certifications. Geopack is always focused on the storage and transportation of food products and believes that its investment in this new material, with all of its technical plus points and its versatility will guarantee satisfaction to all customer needs.