Who we are

Favale Imballaggi SAS was founded in 1957 and quickly grew to become synonymous with the terms ‘quality’ and ‘reliability’. Then, in 2008, recognizing the changes within the packaging industry and with their many years of experience, the Favale family decided to form the new Geopack organization to manage both the traditional and the new requirements of an ever more demanding market.


Geopack’s purpose is to meet the growing needs of its customers, to keep pace with change, to manage the strictest of timescales and to expand its areas of involvement from fruits and vegetables to include dairy, fish and food in general. The company offers the highest services of quality, precision and punctuality. Through its cooperation with carefully selected suppliers, the correct choice of raw materials is determined and total satisfaction with the semi-finished products it processes and markets is assured.


Geopack guarantees thorough efficiency to all its customers. The experience gained in past years of activity and from the continuous renewal of logistic and managerial procedures allows the company to be extremely competitive in every different form of packaging. Knowing the dynamics and understanding the needs of the market is essential in establishing a close relationship with the core business of each and every individual customer.